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Elective Curriculum

Exploring Areas of Interest

Beyond our core curriculum, students at the Great Books Summer Program get the opportunity to explore exciting literature and art classes daily.

Each week, students get to choose classes based on personal areas of interest or new topics they would like to discover.

Every day, elective classes come together to work in small groups with highly-talented teachers, to expand their horizons and share their ideas through self-expression.

Learn more about our talented Art Elective Leaders here


Literature Electives

Diverse Literature Courses for Enrichment

In our literature electives, students participate in a diverse array of exciting literature classes, taught by our Program Assistant staff. From the sonnets of Shakespeare to Greek mythology to the works of Baudelaire, each class focuses on a particular author, genre, time period, or style of writing. Students get to delve deep into their chosen topic with their peers, to read, analyze and discuss their ideas in an intimate setting. 

Art Electives

Creative, Collaborative Projects

In our arts electives, Visual Art, Music, Theater and Creative Writing provide students with an outlet for creativity and collaboration. Art electives culminate each Friday in a student-run showcase performance, to celebrate a week of contribution, hard-work and collaboration. This is one of the highlights of the summer, as peers witness each other's inspiring creative work and congratulate one another on their accomplishments. 


Music gives aspiring vocalists, performers, and composers the chance to come together in an ensemble performance. Projects have included:

Battle of the Bands

Field and Sound Recordings

Jazz and Composition 101

Music and Poetry: Audio Translation of Poems

Visual Art

In Visual Art, students explore different mediums, subject matter and learn new technical skills, from portrait-drawing techniques to en plein air painting to street art styles. Projects have included:

Location Specific Sculpture and Public Art

Graffiti and Signatures

Self Portraits

En Plein Air Painting and Impressionism


In Theater, students begin with voice and movement training, or learn about writing for the stage, before creating their own production. Projects have included:

Comedia dell'arte: Italian Mask Theater of the 16th Century

Shakespeare: Modern Adaptations

Twilight Zone Radio Play

Film Noir and Location-Specific Performance

Creative Writing

For those who can't get enough of the written word, Creative Writing is an opportunity for aspiring writers to develop their writing with exercises, prompts and different genres. Projects have included:

Creative Nonfiction Writing

Build-your-own-adventure Story

Love Poems

Personal Essay Writing

Storytelling with Creative Prompts


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