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Great Books Online: Professional & Personal Development

Are you looking for a professional development opportunity that will actually make a difference?

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Look no further.  Great Books Online has professional development opportunities that will inspire meaningful connections and provide you and your colleagues with intellectual excitement and a broader perspective!

Great Books Online offers adults the opportunity to explore timeless works of literature and art through expertly led discovery.  All in an exciting and supportive environment.  Individuals with a range of perspectives and backgrounds gather together to share ideas through the evidence-based pedagogy of Shared Inquiry

Professionals everywhere are dealing today with unprecedented levels of anxiety, stress, and isolation. We have found that connecting people through freeing, exploratory adventures in great literature brings welcome revelations for nearly all who join in.

Probing together the profound thinking of the world’s greatest authors, philosophers, and artistic minds provides lasting insights and innovative perspectives on the challenges we are all facing right now.

All of our programs are led by our esteemed faculty of Academic Directors. These skilled professors and scholars hail from world-class institutions (Amherst, Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, Oberlin, Haverford, and Yale to name just a few) across the globe. Using the pedagogical model of Shared Inquiry, our Academic Directors give every member of the discussion the tools to meaningfully contribute. If that sounds too good to be true, try a free class!

Group Pricing, Private Classes, and Bespoke Programs Available. Please contact Will Edwards with any inquiries at (203) 307-2217 or via email at

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