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Essential Elements of Writing Clinic

Learn to Master the Art of Well-Formed Writing

6-Week Program - Once Per Week
Open to Students in Grades 6 - 9 

Look for Classes in Spring 2022!

Join our 6-week program, held once weekly for 90 minutes for middle school and early high school students. Learn to master the mechanics, grammar, conventions, editing, and more to build your expository and persuasive, evidence-based writing skills. 

How is this different from our Writer's Workshop? Over the course of 6 weeks, students will learn the basic elements of grammar and style, and put that knowledge into practice. Sessions will focus on the building blocks of good writing and the process of editing and revision. Students will gain confidence and fluency in grammar and writing structure and will ultimately be challenged to produce a polished essay on a topic of their choice


Program Dates & Time

This program spans 6 consecutive weeks. 

Program for Middle School Students: TBD Spring 2022

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Love Discussing Literature, Too?

Register solely for the clinic, or better yet, add a week of Writer's Workshop, or Great Books Seminar Series, or Private Classes this fall


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