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2021 COVID-19 FAQ for On-Campus Programs

Last updated: March 10, 2021. (Watch for updates here.)

At Great Books Summer Program, we are pleased to be celebrating our 20th anniversary of bringing students together from across the USA and around the globe to experience world-class programs both online and at some of the finest universities and colleges in the world.  We work devotedly to set the standard for summer program safety and security.  We value your trust.  And, put simply, we will treat your children as we treat our own. Please view our complete 2021 Covid-19 FAQ and Refund Policy below.

What is GBSP’s outlook on summer?

We are preparing with optimism! At Great Books Summer Program, we anticipate that the days and weeks ahead will continue to show the state of Covid-19 to be improving. With vaccinations well underway and proper planning for additional safety measures such as masking, social distancing, and cohorting, we are optimistic and excited about bringing students together safely.

Following this tumultuous year, students need this summer to boost academic skills and to reconnect socially with friends, new and old. We are committed to bringing literature, art, friendship, and camp fun back this summer!

Whether choosing, On-Campus or Online, summer 2021 with GBSP will be full of growth opportunities, learning, and fun.

It is important to acknowledge that we will all need to be a little flexible as we head toward summer. We ask for flexibility and understanding from our students and families as the health landscape evolves in the USA and throughout the world.

In return, we offer flexibility and security with a fair and generous refund policy. Please see below for details and plan your summer with Great Books today!

What are the current health and safety procedures and guidelines for camp?

(Please watch here for updates).

The Great Books Summer Program community (all faculty, staff, students, and parents) must embrace the shared responsibility necessary to keep our camp and host campus community healthy. Active participation in all elements of GBSP’s return to camp protocols is essential to being a part of the on-campus community this year. As of this date, families should expect and plan for the following steps, which may be revised as circumstances warrant:

  1.  Safe Transition:  
      a. In order to limit potential community exposure, we are currently requiring a “Safe Transition Period” in the time leading up to your student(s) arrival to campus. We ask that you return home from any travel and keep interactions outside the household reduced to essential needs for up to 14 days in advance of your camp dates.  (Requirements will vary by campus.)  Care must be taken in traveling to camp to use as many best practices as possible including face masks, social distance, and proper hand hygiene. We ask that all are in compliance in order to reduce the chances of Covid-19 on campus.
  2. Testing: 
      a. All students must bring documentation of a negative PCR test for Covid-19 that was administered within 72 hours of their arrival on campus. If testing turn-around times exceed 72 hours, PCR tests administered within 5 days of arrival may be accepted. Please confirm with your testing facility that they are performing a molecular or PCR test and not a rapid antigen test. Please contact us for protocols if a student has had a Covid-19 diagnosis within 90 days of arriving on campus.
      b. Testing at camp as needed.
  3. Student Safety Expectations on Campus: 
      a. Follow The 3 W's": Wear Your Mask, Wash Your Hands, and Watch Your Distance.
  4. On-Campus Protocols

      a. Great Books students will continue to be placed by age and gender in pods. These pods will consist of 8 – 10 students with one dedicated counselor. This will be their primary camp cohort.
      b. For all other camp activities, mask wearing and physical distancing will be required.
    Utilize outdoor space
      a. In order for us to have a full camp experience, we will hold as many events as possible outdoors. This will allow for greater social distancing and for students to be mask free for part of the day.
    Face masks
      a. Staff and students will be expected to wear a well-fitted multi-layer mask during all indoor camp activities and any time when social distancing can’t be achieved. Students are expected to bring a box of 50 surgical masks with them to GBSP. Extras will be available if needed.
      b. Masking will not be required in dorm rooms but will be required in common areas.
    Daily wellness and temperature check
      a. Staff and students will complete a daily wellness check.

What if my program gets canceled?

We are optimistic about summer 2021, however, we are prepared for all eventualities. If we cancel a program, you will be offered an opportunity to join another campus if space is available or to join our program Online. If you do not have an alternate choice, and GBSP cancels your program, GBSP will issue a full refund of paid tuition and fees.

What is your refund policy for on-campus programs?

Your payment less the $250 registration fee is refundable until May 14, 2021. If after May 14th you decide you are uncomfortable traveling on your program due to Covid-19 concerns or your student is not able to join the program due to a Covid-19 diagnosis before travel to camp, we will work with you to find a space in another GBSP program. If you don’t have a second choice on-campus program or space is not available, you may switch to Online or defer your tuition to 2022. Cancellations received after May 14, for any reason other than Covid-19 quarantine, diagnosis, or travel ban will forfeit all tuition and fees.

What happens if a student shows symptoms of Covid-19 while on a program?

A key preparation for summer 2021 is planning for accessible testing in all locations. If a student presents symptoms consistent with Covid-19 while at camp, a staff member will help them isolate from the group and a Covid-19 test will be scheduled as soon as possible. Symptoms will be monitored each morning, afternoon, and evening. The student will remain in isolation until a negative test result is returned or until advised they can leave isolation by local health authorities.

What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19 while at camp?

If an on-campus student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, parents of all participants will be promptly notified and the cohort would be kept separated from the larger group. The details of testing and potential quarantine would be highly dependent on the situation, with consideration to be given to specific group cohorting as well as local and national health protocols. It is likely that a parent or family member would be asked to come accompany the student during their quarantine/recovery, but a staff member will be present until this is possible. The cost of healthcare, accommodation, meals, travel, and any other costs associated with the period of quarantine are to be covered by the family.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes, we recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation insurance. We will offer an optional policy at an additional cost in spring. If shopping independently for a policy, please consider a “Cancel for Any Reason” benefit policy and read the details carefully.

How do international travel bans impact the refund policy?

If a student is unable to participate in one of our programs because either their government prohibits them from leaving their home country or the government at the destination prohibits them from entering due to travel bans, GBSP will issue a refund. If there are less than 30 days until departure, please call our admission office.

What should I expect before my program?

You can expect clear, honest communication from Great Books Summer Program. As we plan for summer, we will share the most current Covid-19 camp protocols relevant to your arrival and your stay with us. As circumstances and conditions evolve, there will likely be changes or fine-tuning to communicate. It will always be our intention and priority to keep you informed. You will receive clear instructions as well as reminders in the weeks leading to your program. And, as ever, you are always welcome to call with questions. We are glad to help.

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