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Arrival & Departure


Great Books sessions begin on Sunday and end on Saturday. Participants should plan to arrive between 3 pm and 5 pm on Sunday.

Our registration is run in such a way that you do not need to stay the full two-hours in order to get your child settled into the program. We invite you to come and meet your child’s Program Assistant and see the dorm where they will be living. It is always helpful if you want to assist your child in unpacking and making up their bed. Once you have accomplished that, it is a great time to allow your child to connect with the Program Assistant and let them work as a welcoming committee for other students who are arriving.

We will be holding an optional parent orientation session at 5 pm on check-in day. This orientation allows us to provide you with contact with key staff, an overview of the scheduled activities for the session and most importantly a chance to sample the learning environment that your child will experience. If you are driving your child to camp, please make an effort to take part in this opportunity.

As parents head to the parent orientation, please take a moment to say your goodbye’s to your child as the campers will be heading off to ice breakers and then to dinner. This sequence creates an easier transition for first-time campers as they are engaged in interesting activities from the start.


Families should plan to depart the campus at 11 am on Saturday. We will have a closing ceremony for students on their last day of camp. Parents who are able are invited to attend. Typically the closing ceremony begins at 9 am. Location and details will be emailed to all families during the week prior to departure.

Please note that we do not have the facilities or personnel to accommodate early arrivals or late departures. We can provide you with a list of places to stay locally should you wish to spend extra time in the area.


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