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What the Students Have to Say...

Grace J., CA
Everybody was so smart here and it was good to hear other people’s opinions.  Everybody was involved!” 

Pi X, Beijing
“I found Great Books to be a precious chance for me to share with my classmates…I broadened my horizons on many different topics, and I met many friends!”

Alex L., Connecticut
“Great Books is fun and educational but above all it’s an incredible experience...It’s a great place to come learn in an environment with brand new people…people that I normally wouldn’t have heard from and make friends with them. It’s a place where you get to hang out with new friends and learn from them and not just the type of stuff we learn during lectures but cultural differences, things that I wouldn’t have ever known about if I hadn’t come here.”

Cliff O., North Carolina
Proud dad, Cliff, shared that his daughter, a multi-year Great Books alumna, was accepted at every college to which she applied. "Diane attributed that success to Great Books...It has made all the difference in her classes and how she approaches education...It made her understand intellectual concepts and communicate better than many of her peers."

Laura S., New Jersey
"I loved the whole thing. The games at the beginning of the week were fun and I loved discussing the poems. I really liked the Friday night performance. I enjoyed discussing the books and hanging out with people who loved reading. I also enjoyed the movies, they were very unique."

Jacinta L., Mexico City
Jacinta applied to four private high schools and was accepted to all of them. "At Great Books, I have learned to think about humanity, question the status quo, and reflect on why things are how they are and what we can do to change them...I met people from around the world and was able to nurture my acting and writing skills through electives."

Nick E., New York
"This has been the best week of my life. Really. For the first time EVER I was able to do my favorite things in my life with like-minded people my age. I learned so much about literature, but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself. Thanks to everyone who had any part in putting this together. DO NOT stop what you are doing, please. You are changing the lives of young people every day. Once again, best week of my life. I can't thank you enough."

Eric W., Beijing, Tufts Class of 2021
"As an engineering student, Great Books brought me new insights into literature that I otherwise would never possess. During the program, I indulged myself with inspiring readings and fruitful conversations and rediscovered myself as a thinker.”

Mary Kate S., Connecticut
"It was an incredible experience! I had so much fun!"

Jordan S., Montana
"I liked the Red Room lectures and discussion groups. I also liked how everyone is on the same page."

Sophia A., California
"The program was really fun and packed with activities! You learned a lot about how other people think and their philosophies."

Michael, Beijing
“Great Books gave me a new understanding about different people and philosophers…I really had a good time here!”

Emmet G., New York
"An awesome week filled with fun, music, book discussions, reading, acting, and much more. Also, the week was the best it could be."

Yanelly D., California
"I really liked the discussions because you got to see things from other people's perspectives in ways that you wouldn't have thought of before. I also really liked the electives."

Melissa G., Arizona
"I thought all the students were witty and intelligent. Talking to any one of them was a joy."

Heather G., Beijing
“Great Books acquainted me with college-level seminars & encouraged me to speak my ideas.”

Elly F., Connecticut
"It helped me gain new insights into reading and politics—very fun."

Jack R., student, New Jersey
"They really helped me understand the books with a simple discussion. And Peter...kindly brings you into the discussion and always manages to keep it going."

Sara K., Maryland
"I really enjoyed everything in this program. I enjoyed lectures, free time, pod discussions, the movies, everything. I, however, mostly loved to share my ideas and opinions and hear those of others at the discussions with the discussion groups."

Rachel X., Beijing
"Great Books opened a new door for me. I didn't know much about literature before, and I wasn't very interested. Great Books gave me a taste of what literature was like, and I learned about poetry and novels. In Andrew's class, I read the work of James Joyce, who is one of my favorite authors now. What's more, it was the first time I learned about what a seminar was like and tried to engage in it. I enjoy hearing different voices and embracing different perspectives. Great Books brought me into this new world and prepared me to head into college. I appreciate this very much!"

Alyse B., Utah
"The Discussion Leaders were really awesome at having us look at things in a different way and really think about it."

Elizabeth C., Massachusetts
"Fun, fun, fun all the time. It was never not fun. I learned so much!"

Margaret P., Connecticut
"Sherman was great. He gave us just enough of a push to get things out of us about the readings. Because of this, I was able to see things that I might have missed if I read it by myself. The others were great during group discussions."

Margo U., Ohio
"Sooo much FUN, it rocked my world."

Haily A., New York
"I think that this was an amazing experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was so awesome to try something new."

Alexis S., New York
"My favorite part was the small one-on-one talks with the PA's, when we had to work on our writing."

Rachael C., Massachusetts
"I LOVED THIS PROGRAM! This program was the best I have ever attended. I loved every second and wished it lasted longer."



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